Teknoplat Ltd is the evolution of technologies in the ecommerce, a company specialized in the supply of B2B2C platforms customized for individual e-commerce needs.

The company, the products, the market at a glance

B2B2C stands for Business to Business to Consumer. The B2B2C is actually a business model, an evolution of the classic e-commerce (b2b or b2c or c2c [ebay]).
The B2B2C is that business model, transformed into an online platform, which allows customers (those who buy), companies (who sells) and intermediaries of a certain type of sector to be placed under the same roof.

In this way, the owner of a platform is not an entrepreneur who manages an e-commerce, but rather an entrepreneur who manages data and transactions and people related to that specific sector. The user is at the same time: customer, supplier, and intermediary according to the following model shown in the image on the right.

TeKnoPlat Ltd was born to provide advanced ecommerce solutions to:

  • •.those who already have a classic B2B or B2C or C2C e-commerce that they want to transform into B2B2C; 

  • •.those who do not yet have a classic e-commerce; 

  • •.those who want to scale their product sector (the latter is undoubtedly the most interesting and strategic part). 

We will move towards SaaS solutions using the most innovative cloud technology and with great sensitivity towards DLT technologies that can play a fundamental role in the context of supply chain management

It is a corporate company of Mediterraneo-Capital Ltd of which it is also a partner as strategic and financial support.


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